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How it all began… “Emo”

Back in the early 1990s, I was a forester in the north Maine woods. My husband Mike wanted me to have protection. Rather than getting a firearm, we bought our 1st Chessie, “Emo” back in 1991. Emo was a perfect fit for the job -  rugged, strong endurance, sensible, and devoted. ​
We’ve had a love story with Chessies ever since!​

Mike and Gis.jpg
About Us

Bitten by the Chessie bug…

We realized that Chessies were a special breed. They are intelligent, have intense drive, learn quickly, and are extremely dedicated to their owners. ​
This was the dog for us!​

Our kennel…​

Our kennel is located in Orrington, Maine. Our dogs are part of our family!​

We started breeding in 2012, naming our kennel Chesamo Chesapeakes. Since Emo, we have had a long line of ~’Mo names~ (Cosmo, Tazmo, Gizmo, and many ‘mo). Every puppy starts with a ‘mo name. ​
It’s just what we do!​


Our Vision

We are passionate about breeding Chesapeake Bay Retrievers that make great hunting & performance dogs as well as loyal, loving pets.​

Our goal is to produce healthy, confident, and adaptable dogs that meet the Chesapeake Bay Retriever Standard.​

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