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How it all began… “Emo”

Back in the early 1990s, I was a forester in the north Maine woods. My husband Mike wanted me to have protection. Rather than getting a firearm, we bought our 1st Chessie, “Emo” back in 1991. Emo was a perfect fit for the job -  rugged, strong endurance, sensible, and devoted. ​
We’ve had a love story with Chessies ever since!​

Mike and Gis.jpg

Bitten by the Chessie bug…

We realized that Chessies were a special breed. They are intelligent, have intense drive, learn quickly, and are extremely dedicated to their owners. ​
This was the dog for us!​

Our kennel…​

Our kennel is located in Orrington, Maine. Our dogs are part of our family!​

We started breeding in 2012, naming our kennel Chesamo Chesapeakes. Since Emo, we have had a long line of ~’Mo names~ (Cosmo, Tazmo, Gizmo, and many ‘mo). Every puppy starts with a ‘mo name. ​
It’s just what we do!​


Our Vision

At Chesamo, we are committed to building good working dogs that are smart, focused and athletic, yet at the end of the day they settle down with their owners. All our dogs are bred for good temperament, breed correct confirmation, and to be good team players.

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