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Coco is a focused and stylish retriever with a wonderful disposition that has been a pleasure to train and work with. ​

Coco is extremely biddable, smart as a whip, always marks her birds, and loves to please. After 4 years of nailing hunt tests, we switched to the field trial game. Three years later, she collected 3 firsts in a row in qualifying stakes, earning her QA2 title. ​
Coco was my first dog to train and take all the way to Master. She is bred, trained and handled by her amateur owner.​

Coco has been the dog of a lifetime!​


Coco’s accomplishments

2023 – QA2 Qualified All Age 2​

2023 – QAA Qualified All Age​

2022 – MH20 Master Hunter 20 Title​

2022 – CH Champion Title​

2021 – MARC Pass - Master Amateur National​

2019 – HRCH Hunting Retriever Champion​

2019 – MH Master Hunter Title​

Breeding Information

Chesamos Steaming Hot Cocomo (SR92418501) 5Gen.png

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