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 “Every once in a while, a dog will come into your life, steal your heart, and change everything!” 

Our Goals

Our goal is to produce dogs that exemplify the best characteristics of the Chesapeake breed. In particular,  temperament and trainability have been a focus in our working dogs. Breeding only occasionally, we are particular about our breeding choices, reaching far and wide to locate the best candidates appropriate to meet our goals.  


Our Breeding Selections


Each breeding pair is carefully selected to include characteristics we want to promote in our working dogs.  The traits of importance to us include:

  • Marking and Drive

  • Intellect

  • Good Temperament

  • Trainability

  • Balance


Puppy Socialization & Training

Our puppies are raised in an environment that encourages learning, prey drive and socialization from an early age to ensure they grow up to be well-adjusted working dogs. We are keenly aware of the stages of puppy development in the first eight weeks of life and aim to provide an optimal learning environment during their stay here at Chesamo Chesapeakes. ​

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In the first two weeks of life…

We begin handling the puppies and applying neurological stimulation protocols that have been shown to show long term health and learning benefits. ​

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At three weeks…

The puppies open their eyes and begin exploring their world; they are introduced to scent, walk on a variety of surfaces, and begin to hear startling noises. 

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At four weeks…

After the pups are weaned, they move into the home environment where socialization and development becomes a priority. Here they are introduced to all sorts of people, animals, toys and the noisy activities of home life. The pups learn good behavior from their litter mates as they tussle and vie for social ranking. ​

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At six weeks…

The puppies are introduced to wings, water, and the outdoors that improve their mental and physical prowess. They also learn to sleep in kennels and use designated potty locations. ​

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By eight weeks…

The puppies are ready to go to their forever homes. Each puppy will be well on its way to becoming a loyal, happy family member in your home. 

Our commitment to our puppies does not end when they leave our door. We are always happy to help transition our puppies to their new home ​ by providing additional insights or answering any questions that you may have.​

And… if you’re interested in further training…​
We believe in providing our clients with the resources that they need to live with and train their dogs. We offer a variety of help in obedience and ​ hunt training, as well as share information on nutrition and health.

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